Christchurch Online Casino Review 2024: Expected Bonus and Games

Published on July 13, 2024 

Because of the competitive nature of the online casino industry, many businesses with physical locations are launching new online options. Christchurch Casino is one of these options. They currently have a popular physical location but will launch their online casino in 2022.

Keep reading our Christchurch online casino review to find out what they could potentially offer their players, including their bonus options, gaming options, mobile options, and more.

Christchurch ReviewOur Rating
Welcome OfferThere is no formal announcement of the online casino welcome bonus yet. But it could be a deposit bonus with some added free spins (Wagering and T&Cs will apply)
Range of Gaming OptionsN/A
Payment MethodsN/A
Loyalty ProgramN/A
Customer Service OptionsN/A
Security OptionsN/A
Average RatingTBA
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What Type of Bonus Could Christchurch Online Casino Offer?

The first stage of our Christchurch online casino review concerns the potential bonus you can expect from the operator.

Most online casinos will offer a deposit bonus for new players. This usually includes depositing a minimum amount into your account and receiving bonus money to play on the available casino gaming options (slots, for example).

The Christchurch online casino welcome bonus amount is unclear. But they will likely make it competitive to attract new players. Some online casinos also have free spins added to the welcome bonus; Christchurch online casino will likely have free spins to add more value to their welcome offer.

If you’re looking for an operator that is currently live, why not check out bet365?

What Are Some Potential Wagering Requirements for Claiming The Bonus?

The welcome bonus will also likely have a wagering requirement. The size of the wagering requirement will depend on the size of the bonus.

Most online casinos will have a wagering requirement of between 30 and 50x. This means that you need to play your bonus that number of times before withdrawing winnings.

What Casino Gaming Options Can You Expect to Be Available on Christchurch Online Casino?

Our Christchurch online casino review will now focus on the potential range of gaming options for the website. Thankfully, we can understand what Christchurch casino will want to offer by looking at their games offering for their physical location.

Christchurch casino has many gaming options, including slots, poker, roulette, blackjack and more. You can expect these gaming options to be present on their upcoming online casino site.

Additionally, you should expect multiple variations of the casino games, especially the slots; most online casinos will have hundreds of slots games available with different jackpots and themes.

What Type of Loyalty Program Could Be on Offer?

Determining if Christchurch Casino will have a loyalty program is the next step of our Christchurch online casino review. Along with the games and bonuses that Christchurch online casino will likely have, they will also have a loyalty program to encourage their players to keep playing their games.

Many other online casinos have loyalty programs; in these programs, they can earn points for the money they win to unlock perks for the site, including free spins, deposit bonuses and more. Christchurch online casino will likely offer a loyalty program similar to this, though the exact nature of it is unclear.

What Is the Founders Club?

While not a loyalty program, The Founders Club will be in place so Christchurch online casino can engage with its users and make efficient changes to its website.

If you sign up for a Founders Club account (through your Christchurch online casino account), Christchurch Online Casino will send you questions and surveys to determine your thoughts on their new ideas and initiatives.

Although not specified on their website, Christchurch online casino may reward you for providing this feedback with free spins for slots or another bonus type.

Christchurch online casino review

Will There Be a Christchurch Online Casino Mobile App?

Although we would like to provide full details on the Christchurch mobile app for our Christchurch online casino review, we are not sure that it has one yet. Although possible, some online casinos don’t have an app and only rely on the mobile site if players prefer to play on their mobile devices.

However, mobile sites usually run well and have similar features to the desktop version, so players will likely not be disappointed if Christchurch doesn’t have an app.

What Features Could Possibly Be Available on The Christchurch Mobile App?

If Christchurch online casino has a mobile app when it releases in New Zealand, it will likely have most of the features of the desktop site.

Some of these features include:

  • The welcome bonus and any other bonuses available on the site (free spins, for example).
  • The gaming options, including most or all of the slots games.
  • Some of the available payment methods.
  • Access to the loyalty program (if there is one).

Likely Payment and Withdrawal Options

In our Christchurch online casino review, you can now learn about potential deposit and withdrawal options on this casino. The two most common deposit and withdrawal methods on any online casino are Visa and MasterCard, so you can expect to see those on Christchurch online casino.

Other deposit and withdrawal methods on Christchurch online casino might include PayPal, online web wallets like Neteller or Skrill, and potentially some cryptocurrency payment methods like Bitcoin. For the mobile site, Christchurch online casino may include deposit and withdrawal options like Apple Pay.

Potential Other Features

We can’t provide more clarity on the exact features that Christchurch online casino will have in our Christchurch online casino review. However, we can detail some of the features that Christchurch might offer when it releases.

  • They may offer live casino games like live poker, live roulette, live blackjack and more.
  • They could include a bingo section with various types, such as classic bingo and live bingo.
  • Although it is unlikely for Christchurch, some online casinos have a sportsbook on their site with various sports betting markets.

Potential Customer Service

We will now determine the quality of the customer service options in our Christchurch online casino review.

Although Christchurch casino will not specify its customer service channels until they launch before the end of the year, some customer service options might be present.

  • They might have a live chat so customers can ask questions to solve problems on the site quickly. These live chat systems often run 24/7.
  • They may include an email system so customers can detail more complex issues with the platform.
  • They may have a contact number for direct conversations with the Christchurch customer support team.

Will Christchurch Be a Licensed And Secure Operator?

Although they haven’t released any specific information, Christchurch online casino will have a license from Malta; it is most likely to be the Malta Gaming Authority.

Additionally, they will likely have encryptions for their website to protect customer account funds and data and random number generators for slots to ensure fairness.

Christchurch Online Casino Review Final Summary

While the information is minimal, Christchurch Casino has a reputation for being a high-quality casino. So they will want to reflect that in their online offering. They will likely include a welcome offer, a large selection of games, a mobile site or app, numerous payment methods, a live casino option and other bonuses like free spins.

Christchurch online casino will launch before the end of 2022, so you can sign-up for an account if you want to check out the newest competitor in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

🏛️ Who owns Christchurch Casino?

Skyline enterprises are the primary stakeholder in Christchurch Casino, meaning that they have the highest number of shares in the company.

⏱️ When will Launch?

Christchurch Casino hasn’t specified a date for its new online casino’s launch. But they say it will launch before the end of 2022.
The most significant sign that the launch will happen soon came in September 2022, when they announced that they have a subsidiary in Malta for online casino purposes.

⏱️Will there be a welcome bonus for Christchurch Online Casino?

Christchurch Online Casino will likely offer a deposit bonus for customers. Also, they will be able to play on the available casino games (slots, for example). It is unclear what the Christchurch online casino welcome bonus will be.
But it will likely be competitive to attract new customers. Christchurch online casino will likely have free spins to add more value to their welcome offer.

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